Nurse comforts 5-year-old after he wakes up from surg ery… Photo

Every nurse, and everyone who loves a nurse, knows that the profession isn’t an easy one. Nurses handle things that would make any layman squirm. They deal with difficult families and difficult deaths, and on top of all their duties of evaluating, assisting, and endless monitoring — they’re expected to have a great bedside manner.

If someone else’s child is crying because he feels bad, the everyone of us will want to call him down. After all, the baby now needs the support of an adult.

5-year-old Slade Thompson had to stay in hospitals for a long time and often. One day after the operation, he woke up and saw that his mother was not there. The baby started calling her, but she didn’t come. The boy was very scared and began to cry.

At that time, nurse Annie Hager was at the ward. A woman came into the box and asked Slade why he was crying. The boy admitted that he feels pain and is scared. The baby wanted to be hugged.When the boy was discharged from the hospital, he did not forget about the good woman. Slade presented Annie with flowers and said «thank you» for her cordiality. The nurse in response burst into tears from a wave of emotions.