A 42 -year woman gave birth to her 20-th childe . Heroism or stupidity. How do you think ? Photo

Susan and Mark met at school. And then the couple became parents for the first time. Susan was only 14 at the time. It’s hard to believe, but Susan and Mark have 20 children now.

Although from the very beginning, the couple decided that they should have only three.Susan herself is happy about her motherhood and happy to share the details of her life on social networks.

The family brings up 10 boys and nine girls. 28-year–old Chris is the oldest girl, and the youngest is still only a year old. Archie became the eleventh son. Sophie’s daughter has already managed to become a mother three times herself

In 2014, a woman had an unsuccessful pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. The whole big family lives in a house with 10 rooms, they travel in a minibus.

The guys happily accepted the new baby and hurried to hug and kiss him right away.