A boy who was born 8 years ago with gray hair like an old .How he looks like now? Photo

In 2012, Patricia Williams had her third son Redd, at birth the baby had unnaturally white hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

At first, both doctors and parents believed that the baby was just blond, but with age it turned out that Redd had albinism.

Doctors began to ask who in the family suffers from this ailment. The couple thought for a long time and finally remembered that their 85-year-old grandmother Patricia was born a platinum blonde, the only one in the Indian reservation. But she herself never acknowledged the fact of albinism, although doctors proved the opposite to her. But you can’t hide the genes and now they have been inherited.

By the way, my grandmother found a photo in the archive where she is the only blonde among Indian relatives.

After 6 years, a second boy was born in the family and also with this genetic disease.

In addition to the color of the hair and eyes, the disease did not manifest itself in any way, the boys grow up active and healthy.

And the elder Redd is already receiving offers from advertising agencies to shoot for brands.

The parents of 8-year-old Redd and 2-year-old Rockwell humorously treat the increased attention to their children and do not refuse to be photographed by passers-by, of course, if the kids themselves do not mind.

Such a happy family!