A little girl who was born with a white strand of hair for 3 years.What does the girl look like now? Photo

In November 2018, a baby girl named Maya Aziz was born. The girl was born with a perfect white strand of hair.

She surprised the entire hospital staff, but not her mother, who has exactly the same genetic feature.

So that in the future the daughter would not be ashamed of her appearance, her mother began to photograph her and post these pictures in social networks.

The woman says that she became pregnant at the age of 40, the pregnancy was severe and after 23 hours of labor, a caesarean was performed.

Maya was born absolutely healthy, but among all the babies she was distinguished by a snow-white strand of hair on her head.

«Even in the delivery room, I heard people saying, «wow, she was born with a ray,» «what a fashionable baby,» and I kept repeating: let me see, let me see,» the woman recalls. At the moment, more than 22 thousand people have subscribed to the girl’s account, who do not cease to admire her unusual appearance.

«As a child, I suffered from bullying because of my appearance and marks on my body. All my childhood and youth I hid behind clothes and makeup. By about the age of 20, I realized that I was unique. It made me special,» Talita said.

Now parents are working to ensure that the girl is not complexed because of her appearance, but understands her uniqueness.

«Maya is growing up and learning to respect people, and I’m trying to teach her to appreciate herself. This is my mission as a mom,» Talita says.