She got pregnant at 13. And despite the strong pressure, she graduated from school and took her daughter to the prom. Photo

The story is about a girl who got pregnant at the age of 13 and put all the «non-pretenders» in their place.

Kylie Snight is now 16, she has already graduated from high school and came to the prom with her two-year-old daughter. At school, the girl ran into a bride from her peers, everyone insulted her

However, thanks to the support of her parents, Kylie proved that this was not the case and even enrolled in the College of Musical Arts.

Kylie hid her pregnancy from her parents for up to six months. The parents realized that their condemnation could cause serious psychological trauma to their daughter, so they decided to support her and began preparing their home for the appearance of their granddaughter!

The young mother admitted that it was not easy:

«I wanted to take Harley to prom and put a beautiful white dress on her so she would know that she would always be a princess for me.

I also wanted to prove to all my detractors that they were deeply mistaken about me – and I did it.

So I tried to convey to everyone that I don’t care about their ridicule, for me Harley comes first!

It was very difficult for me after the birth of the baby, because at home I had to be a responsible adult woman, and at school I had to become a simple teenage student.

I was very tired. It hurt me when people said bad things about me. But I knew that Harley was waiting for me at home and that motivated me perfectly.»

Despite the birth of a child, Kylie continued to study and prepare for college.