For a whole year, the siamese twins lived with fused heads.The doctors decided to separate the girls. There was almost no chance of success, but a miracle happened. Photo

The birth of Siamese twins is considered extremely rare. This happens about once for every 200,000 births.

Unfortunately, the chances that Siamese twins will survive are very small. Up to 50% of such twins are stillborn, and only 25% are able to survive after birth.

Twins Erin and Abby Delaney were born in the summer of 2016. In most cases, when Siamese twins have their own organs, independent circulatory and nervous systems, modern medicine is able to separate them and give them the opportunity to lead a full life.

In the case of Erin and Eddie, this was quite problematic — the twins shared the same skull bones.Of course, without surgery, there could be no question of a more or less normal life for the sisters. However, the operation necessary to separate them was fraught with risks that could affect one or even both children.

In the end, a unique and complex operation to separate Siamese twins with a common head was performed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

It took a whole team of highly qualified surgeons and specialists for 11 hours of painstaking work to separate the children, prevent massive bleeding and postoperative complications. Fortunately, thanks to the skill and brilliant skills of doctors and medical staff, the girls were successfully separated. «Despite what they had to go through, they are very happy girls,» said their mother Heather Delaney.

Five months after the operation, the twins went home. There they could start their new life and grow up in the care and love of their parents and other family members. According to Heather, both girls are developing well.

«They are not afraid of people,» she said. «It’s amazing how brave they are after all they’ve experienced.» For the first time after birth, the twins had to adapt to their condition. Each of the sisters was always involved in what was happening to the other.

Now Erin can sit, and Abby has learned to roll over. They had a hard time, but the twins turned out to be very strong and persistent, and now they got a new chance in life!

Obviously, all this would not have been possible without the amazing work of doctors and the support of the twins’ parents. Share this article so that the incredible stories of Erin and Abby inspire other people!