The boy came into this world without arms and legs. Look at his first steps 4 years later. Video

A 4-year-old boy named Camden came into this world without arms and legs.

Despite this, Camden was never afraid of difficulties and achieved the impossible. When Camden’s mom was 18 weeks pregnant, she had an ultrasound that changed her life forever. It showed that the fetus has no limbs. «When I found out that he would have neither arms nor legs, I thought he would be like a vegetable. I didn’t know what to expect,» Whiddon tells People magazine.

But soon Camden showed himself to be a stronger and braver boy than anyone could have imagined. And when he was only two months old, his mother already knew that he was special.

«When he was about two months old, he was lying on the bed with me. I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was playing with toys. I burst into tears, I was glad to see that he would be able to live a full life, despite her condition,» says Whiddon. From that day on, Camden never stopped surprising his parents. Now, four years later, he has finally taken his first steps. Camden’s father stood in front of the boy and encouraged him with words, and Camden reached his father on his own for the first time.

«I’m coming to you, I can walk!» shouted Camden happily, walking to his father. When he reached his father, the whole family cheered and clapped their hands. Camden’s first independent steps proved that he can achieve anything he wants, despite the fact that he is different from everyone else.

«We all burst into tears, we were proud of our son,» says Whiddon. The touching moment of Camden’s first steps was captured on a video, which the family then posted on Facebook. The video was viewed by thousands of people, insanely happy about Camden’s success.