The girl was sick – then her nanny made a decision that made even me cry…Photo

Newsner tells about twenty—two-year-old Kirsten Miles, an ordinary nanny. For several weeks, the girl looked after the three children of the family of George and Farrah Roscoe. However, when their daughter’s life was on the verge of death, Kirsten made the most serious decision of her life.

And it was a decision for which the Roscoe family will always thank her. Kirsten Miles is a 22—year-old student from New Jersey who just needed a job to financially support her studies. She contacted the Roscoe family through a friend and immediately started working for them.

Kirsten quickly established a strong bond with the couple’s three children, and especially with their youngest daughter, Talia. But it soon became clear that the nine-month-old girl had a rare liver disease. When the doctors announced that Talia needed a new liver, Kirsten did not hesitate for a second, offered to give part of her organ.

George and Farrah and Roscoe weren’t sure about the idea at first. They explained to Kirsten how serious this case was. Giving away a part of the liver is not the same as donating blood. This is due to invasive surgery, which means that there are certain risks.

But Kirsten insisted on her decision and applied for a donation for Thalia. The test results showed that Kirsten is perfect for this procedure!George and Farrah Roscoe were extremely grateful to Kirsten for her selfless decision. Kirsten had no regrets— she and Talia went to the hospital for a 14-hour operation.

First, the doctors gave Kirsten anesthesia and removed part of her liver, and then immediately performed a transplant for a small waist. After the successful transplant, Kirsten stayed in the hospital for five days, and Talia stayed for nine. Fortunately, Kirsten and Talia recovered quickly, and today Talia is a completely renewed child. Hardly anyone can believe that she recently had a liver transplant. Now, like any other little girl, she runs, plays and eats like never before! And what do you think about this act? Share your opinion in the comments!