A woman miraculously gave birth to triplets… but then she found out that…

Emma is 34 years old. She has dreamed of having children all her adult life. Last year, her wish came true – she finally managed to get pregnant. At the very first ultrasound, another amazing news was waiting for her: she was expecting one child, but three! Emma, who had always wanted to become a mother, was overjoyed. However, the birth did not go so smoothly…

But when the most unpleasant thing was left behind and she returned home from the hospital, the doctor unexpectedly called her… Emma has always wanted to have children, since she was a child. Even as a child, she could play mother-daughter with dolls all day long. She also loved taking care of the other kids in the neighborhood. It seemed to her that being a mother was her destiny!

When she met the man of her dreams at the age of 29, Emma realized that the time had come. Finally, she will find her own happy family. But, alas, happiness did not smile on her immediately…29-year-old Emma worked as a waitress in a cafe. She liked her job.

It was a normal working day. One Thursday evening she was pouring coffee for a customer she had never seen before. Then something unusual happened.

The young man spoke to her, and at some point their eyes crossed. A spark ran between them! He was so kind and charming. He began to come to the cafe more often, and now they were drinking coffee together. It was true love at first sight…

Soon they were happily living together. Finally, Emma will be able to have children! But the trouble came from where no one expected it…Emma and her boyfriend Noah tried to have a baby for a whole year, but nothing helped. Yes, this happens to many, but when it doesn’t work out for a whole year, there’s already something serious.

They decided to see a doctor. And what she heard was a real shock for Emma. She suffered from a form of infertility, which is why conceiving a child will be problematic. Emma’s dream of a big and happy family broke into a thousand pieces… – But there is one option, – the doctor added. Artificial insemination could be done. However, this procedure has disadvantages in the form of negative health consequences, and there is no guarantee of success.

First you need to take fertility hormones. Then the eggs are extracted from the ovaries and fertilized. Then the fertilized eggs are placed in the uterus. This procedure is long and unpleasant.

But Emma was ready for anything to fulfill her dream, so she immediately agreed. She just couldn’t wait to get started! And luck smiled on her: a little more than a year later, another pregnancy test gave a positive result! But the main surprise in her life was still ahead…

In the third month of pregnancy, an ultrasound was performed, which showed something unusual. The radiologist slowly moved the sensor back and forth over Emma’s body: once, twice, three times.

Each time she stared intently at the image on the screen. And at one point, surprise was displayed on her face. – Wow, you’re pregnant with triplets! she exclaimed.

Emma jumped up. – You’re kidding! Now it was her turn to be surprised.

But no, the radiologist was not joking. That’s right: there were three embryos on the screen. That day Emma returned home beside herself with happiness. Then she did not know that the birth of triplets carries a lot of risks… The doctor advised to immediately do a cesarean section instead of the usual delivery.

There was a high probability that one of the fetuses was in the so-called breech presentation, which greatly complicates childbirth for both mother and child.

But Emma was sure that everything would be fine. She wanted to go through a real birth and did not even think about a caesarean section. It was the best moment of her life, and she wanted to experience it in its entirety. But when everything was ready for childbirth, something happened that Emma was least prepared for… Childbirth was really hard. Emma was sweating profusely and looking anxiously at her husband.

The pain was so unbearable that she began to doubt that she would even give birth to one child, let alone three. It even seemed to Emma that her body existed somewhere in a separate reality. The obstetricians assured that everything was going according to plan and they just needed to be patient a little more. And here’s the baby’s head! Emma began to push with renewed vigor. Finally! The first child announced the maternity ward with a healthy cry. There are two more ahead! What a relief… And what a blessing that at least one child is alive and well!

But it was not possible to enjoy this moment for long – a new fight rolled in. It was necessary to give birth to a second one. It went a little better this time. It was as if the love that suddenly gripped Emma had strengthened her maternal instincts. It was as if she had stopped feeling pain. Very soon another girl was born. And again Emma felt such love for the baby! But then her mood suddenly changed… The third child was the most difficult. Emma is already pretty tired.

It wasn’t just fatigue. The third fetus was indeed lying in the pelvic presentation. Emma pushed as hard as she could. She blushed like a tomato, sweat trickled down her face. Another fight! And again! But there was still no baby… Something was wrong! The child got stuck in the birth canal and began to suffocate. Urgent intervention was required, so Emma was transported to the surgical department.

For the last baby, it was decided to do an emergency caesarean section. This time, when the fetus appeared, it was absolutely silent. Emma exclaimed in panic: – What’s wrong with him?

But the doctors didn’t answer anything because they were too busy saving the baby’s life. In a matter of seconds, he was connected to a ventilator. Later, when Emma returned to the delivery room, the doctor told her the terrible news… The child suffered from a lack of oxygen during childbirth, which almost cost him his life. He is now in critical condition. At the very best, he will remain in the hospital for some time.

Meanwhile, Emma and her two lovely daughters (pictured) were discharged the very next day. But Emma wasn’t getting any calmer. She was especially tormented by remorse. She wanted to go through childbirth so much that she refused a Caesarean section herself, which put the child’s life in danger! It was a difficult time for her and for the whole family. It was the hardest week of Emma and Noah’s life. All this time, doctors continued to fight for their son’s life.

Parents had to come to terms with the fact that they could not do anything to help them. It remained only to wait and believe.

Emma only saw her son once after giving birth. He was lying in an incubator with tubes. She wasn’t even allowed to touch him. Days passed. A sea of tears was shed.And then one day the phone rang. The hospital called… When Emma saw the number, her stomach clenched. What is she going to hear now? Good news? Or a bad one?

She picked up the phone with trembling hands… Doctors have received the results of the latest tests. As already mentioned, the baby got stuck in the delivery canal and suffered from a lack of oxygen. He was put on a ventilator, Emma and Noah have hardly seen their son since.

But the most recent tests have shown that the baby’s health is improving. Moreover, it can be taken home! But the danger to the child’s health has not yet completely passed. The baby was named Kevin. He was finally able to reunite with his family. Which, however, did not mean that he was completely healthy.

Kevin had to be under close supervision and inform the doctor about the slightest problems. Due to a problem with oxygen, Kevin had reduced immunity and increased vulnerability to viruses. But, fortunately, over time, his condition completely returned to normal. When Emma found out about this, she burst into tears. Her dream of a happy and healthy family has finally come true!