This twin sisters, who weighed 266 and 274, loose weight to the unknown. Photo

Excess weight is a problem familiar to many. Of course, everyone tolerates it in their own way, because everything depends on the body itself and on the amount of extra pounds. However, when it comes to a critical situation, you can’t wait, but you have to act, because there is a threat to health.

For example, sisters Candy and Brandy had problems with excess weight from an early age. The fact is that with the help of food, they struggled with stress, which they experienced due to lack of attention from their parents.

Sweets turned into fast food, which the parents themselves fed their daughters. Thus, the adults distracted the girls for a while, while they could go about their business and no one interfered with them.

Of course, because of such nutrition, the girls recovered a lot. They were often reminded of the extra pounds at school, because this was the reason for all the bullying by classmates. The girls were stuck with another stress, so the weight continued to increase. In adolescence, the figure on the scales exceeded a hundred. The years passed, and the weight only increased. In addition, the girls quarreled with their parents and left them, starting an independent life. Unfortunately, this did not lead to a change in diet.

Then the girls got a job as sellers in a store. It would seem that some, but physical activity. But as the sisters continued to eat fast food, the weight increased and it was already difficult for them to go to work. At that moment, they began to have health problems. This is not surprising, because their weight has exceeded 250 kilograms. Then they decided to start their fight against obesity, and went to the TV show «I weigh 300 kilograms.

specialists started working as girls: regular physical activity with trainers, a strict diet, and, of course, the help of a psychologist. Then the weight slowly began to decrease, but the doctor came to the conclusion that the sisters needed to lower the stomach with a special operation.

the show, the girls managed to lose weight, which they began to monitor on their own. They regularly go to the gym and observe proper nutrition. Their lives have improved noticeably! Brandy has already managed to meet her love, whom she married. She gave birth to a child without any problems, although before he could only dream about it.

Candy is in no hurry to get married yet: she hasn’t enjoyed life enough yet. The girl plans to travel and wants to experience all the joys of life that she dropped due to excess weight.