The woman woke up at 3:30 a.m. When he saw what was happening, He screamed at the whole house. video

An unforgettable joy befalls every family when a little man appears in their life. And the family we are going to tell you about is no exception either.

The pregnant woman felt that labor could begin at any moment. Everything you need in your bag has been waiting at the entrance for a week. But as soon as the most crucial moment began, it went wrong.

In the morning at 3:30 it all started. The couple realized that they no longer have time to get to the hospital, and the most important mission falls on the shoulders of the head of the family.

Also nearby was the future grandmother of the child, who called an ambulance and talked to the doctors on the phone all the time, receiving useful advice. Martin turned from a photographer to an obstetrician in the blink of an eye. At the same time, the man even forgot that he turned on the camera.He and Holly were going to reflect in detail the whole process of their daughter’s birth. But the footage of leaving the house suddenly turned into a shot of childbirth.

At one point, Martin shouted loudly, «Oh, my God!». It happened just when his daughter was born. Holly gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Soon the doctors arrived and helped the parents with all the postpartum nuances. The whole family is over the moon with happiness!