The family gathered to say goodbye to this girl. At that moment, the unimaginable happened. (Photo, Video)

10-year-old Abby Farco from the USA practically does not know what it means to be healthy. When she was 4 years old, doctors diagnosed leukemia. Since then, with small interruptions, the girl has been fighting for her life.

Then the doctors informed the parents that the baby’s chance of survival was only 20%. «We were heartbroken,» recalls Abby’s mom Patty. Over the next 6 years, the family did everything possible so that Abby could learn what a carefree childhood life is. And the girl had a hard time: she underwent bone marrow transplantation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The baby even took an experimental drug…

A ray of hope appeared in October 2013. Abby finished her treatment and was able to live a normal life for a whole year. The girl went to school, played football and even became a scout. But the happiness lasted so little… The cancer has returned, and even in a more severe form.

«Abby practically stopped moving. The slightest movement caused her terrible pain,» says Patty.

In February 2015, the girl underwent another bone marrow transplant. But this time the body rejected the donor material. The following month, Abby’s kidneys began to fail. Doctors placed the girl in the intensive care unit and informed her parents that without dialysis, the baby would last a maximum of 48 hours.

Parents began to gather relatives a little so that she could say goodbye to Abby. When everyone was assembled, the baby was disconnected from the devices that support her life and taken home.

The whole family was sitting in the girl’s room, holding back tears. But Abby suddenly woke up and said, «I have so much to do in my life…» Surprisingly, after that the girl went on the mend. Doctors could not explain this phenomenon, but over time, Abby began to get stronger and walk…

Abby is now in remission. She receives several types of medications 2 times a day. No one can make any definite predictions about her future, because the disease is gone, and can return at any moment. But the whole family of the girl now knows for sure that you need to enjoy every moment. All these people saw Abby die and then come back to life. They believe in the best, and we have no choice but to join them!