When the baby was born, everyone in the hospital turned pale! That’s what the kid was holding in his hand. Photo

American Lucy Hellein already had two children. She and her husband did not plan any more, so the woman went to the doctor and injected a special contraceptive into her body. The purpose of this implant is to produce hormones that were supposed to complicate conception as much as possible. Manufacturers of such products give a 99% guarantee that conception will not take place.

What was the surprise of the woman when she realized that she was pregnant. At the same time, it was discovered only at the 18th week.Moreover, the doctor did not see any implants on the ultrasound and concluded that the latter simply fell out.

Lucy gave birth to a boy by Caesarean section. At the same time, the woman shared with the whole world a picture of the baby, who was holding in his hands the very implant that was supposed to prevent his birth.

Lucy herself believes that little Dexter is a real blessing. Even if his birth was not planned, but a woman cannot imagine life without this baby.

By the way, in the future, Lucy decided to carry out voluntary sterilization by bandaging the fallopian tubes in order to protect herself from another surprise, even if it was as cute as Dexter. As you can see, sometimes nature takes its course, despite all our tricks. The story with Dexter is a vivid confirmation of this!