The young parents were 12 and 15. How they live decades later. Photo

In 2009, the world was shocked by an incredible news. It turns out that the youngest father lives in Britain, who at the time of the birth of his child was not even 13 years old. This boy’s name is Alfie Patten, and his girlfriend is Chantelle Steadman (she was 15 at the time).The girl’s mother said that they would be able to raise the child on their own, and they did not need any help at all.

It was immediately decided that Alpha would live with them. The newborn girl was given the name Maisie.At that time, Chantelle’s dad did not have a permanent job, and Alfie’s father said that his son had simply ruined his whole life with such a rash act.In fact, his words were prophetic, but more on that later.

So, Alfie was the most ordinary modest and somewhat downtrodden boy who adored video games and football. He and Chantelle often spent time together, and he also stayed at her place overnight.As soon as the girl told her mother that she was pregnant and the baby would appear in five months, she realized that the children were not just playing computer games. Of course, the young people immediately realized their mistake, but said that they had everything by love and consent, and they would be good parents.

According to Alfie himself, that time almost drove him crazy. When he hugged Maisie for the first time, he felt something incredible. He could not be aware of the consequences of fatherhood at that time, but he really liked just being around the baby. He tried to take care of her constantly, fed her and changed diapers. Computer games somehow faded into the background.Soon it turned out that his girlfriend was not so easy. There were other guys who claimed that they could be the fathers of a newborn girl. I had to do a DNA test.

It turned out that Maisie’s dad is not Patten, but a certain Tyler Biker, who was about 14 years old at the time. He said that he was not going to deal with the child, and he considered his relationship with Chantelle to be a mistake at all.Alfie was amazed by this news, because the girl assured that she was only with him, and that he was her first and only one at all. As a result, the young mother and her parents left for another city.

The boy often cried and even became depressed. The situation was complicated by journalists who did not care about the emotional experiences of the failed pope. For some time he stayed at home and skipped school, as he was not allowed to take a step.So what is it now with young parents? Chantelle raised Maisie, and her mother and father actively helped her. Later she got married and gave birth to a second child.

She does not lead a public life, social media profiles have not been updated since 2013.Alfie doesn’t work or study anywhere now, lives with her mother. It is known that he has problems with the law. For example, he was caught shoplifting, disobeyed the police, insulted the local population.In the summer, a simple elderly man suffered from his evil language, who did nothing to him at all. The guy just wasn’t in the mood. So far, by the way, he’s been lucky, and it hasn’t come to prison. But his father was clearly right when he said that a child would break his whole life.