The girl married a dis abled man. But there was a big surprise waiting for her at the wedding! Photo

There is still a lot of gossip and discussion in society at the sight of a special couple. Kevin reasoned that perhaps no woman would want to associate her future with him. And, for sure, he did not even hope to win the heart of some beauty. But it turns out fate had other plans. Maybe Kevin was a little skeptical, but that was exactly before he met a beautiful stranger from Texas. The man’s friends recalled that when they met, the two looked at each other admiringly. It was clear that the two halves had finally come together. It seemed that the girl completely noticed the wheelchair in which her chosen one was sitting. Well, Kevin could only dazzle others with his joyful smile.

The couple’s relationship lasted several months and, soon, the lovers decided to tie the knot. Well, then – everything was as usual and preparations for the wedding were in full swing, but the happy bride did not even suspect what an incredible surprise her lover was preparing for her. And so, for the newlyweds in love, that most significant day happened – at the ceremony, when all the guests were gathered and sitting in their seats, the father, according to tradition, took the bride by the arm and led her to the altar, after which the priest pronounced the ceremonial words:

— Please stand up.

It would seem, but what could be unusual after the priest’s phrase, but no one could imagine such a thing, because what was the surprise of those present when, in front of everyone, Kevin, as if nothing had happened, got to his feet. At that moment, complete silence reigned in the hall, the bride was simply stunned, and the guests present could not hold back their tears. Of course, when she saw her beloved on her feet, the girl immediately burst into tears, unable to utter a word, because for the first time she was standing in front of her lover, who also stood on his two.

As it turned out, Kevin had been preparing for many months, and in secret, from the future bride, he underwent a course of psychotherapy, constantly doing endless exercises to make his dream come true. He exhausted himself with hard training and learned to walk step by step with a prosthesis, while suffering hellish pains. He managed to strengthen the muscles of his legs and all in order to realize his idea – to meet his wife at the altar with dignity, as befits any man in love. It is worth noting that all this was worth it so that on this special day he could stand on his feet and look into the eyes of his beloved from the height of his height.