How unique identical triplets live now, and how their mother distinguishes them. Photo

In the two thousand fourteenth, a woman, being already a three-year-old mother, became pregnant again. She and her husband were pleased with this news, the couple dreamed of a big family.

That’s just the first ultrasound examination brought them a grand surprise – the couple was expecting triplets soon. This news stunned them somewhat and made them nervous. The pregnancy was resolved as much as nine weeks ahead of time, the crumbs weighed about a kilogram.

Fortunately, small children now survive, having a body weight even less than those of these children. The doctors were struck by how similar the children were – it was impossible to distinguish them from each other, even the pigment spots coincided.

This happens only in identical twins. And is it possible in the case of triplets? Geneticists studied the issue and found out that the case is extremely rare, but real. One fetal egg can divide not only into two, but even into three embryos, although this is possible only in one case per two hundred million. Becky’s sons decided to check with the help of a DNA test, which gave the answer – the babies are identical.

Such a rare phenomenon brought the family fame. The press became interested in the triplets, the family was besieged by newspaper and television reporters. That’s just it rather interfered with the family, and did not benefit her.

Twenty-three-year-old at that time Becky Allen had difficulty managing four children, and in this difficult time her husband also left her. He provides some financial assistance to the family, but only mom is engaged in raising her offspring. However, her eldest daughter is very supportive and helps her out, because now she is eight years old. The girl takes on many worries and is happy to help her mother and brothers. They do not leave their family and loved ones, who also regularly provide all possible assistance.

Five years later, the boys have not ceased to strikingly resemble each other. At first, only mom was able to distinguish them – of course, Becky was not able to confuse her children, no matter how similar they were, there would always be nuances. Now there are a little more differences, besides, the guys have completely different characters, so now they are not confused by other family members.

The older kid is the leader, he comes up with all the games, the middle one is a very calm and balanced guy, and the younger one is a real owner. This applies to both maternal attention and property in the form of personal toys, which he is not ready to share. But at the same time, boys like everything the same, so both clothes and toys are bought in threefold quantities.

The kids play with four of them, with their older sister, and their own male company, choosing mobile entertainment – scooter riding, football and so on.

Now Becky’s life is in full swing – she manages a lot, including studying to be a nurse. This is her long-standing dream, later a woman wants to go to work in a maternity hospital, where she became the mother of her boys. She admires the work of the medical staff of this institution and is insanely grateful to them. No matter how similar her sons are, each of them is a unique personality.

Of course, a mother with many children is extremely tired, but the kids undoubtedly make her happy. It remains to wish her strength, patience, and wisdom, which will greatly help her on this difficult, but incredibly interesting life path. Looking at the pictures of Becky with the children, you immediately believe that they are all wonderful people.